How Much Does RegCure Pro Cost in 2017

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Published by Adam Dominik

How much does RegCure Pro cost in 2017? That is one of most commonly asked questions my readers ask me via email. I have put together this page with the current RegCure Pro pricing structure. In case you missed the big green button above this paragraph, there is now a 50% discount available for RegCure Pro. All you need to do is click the green button and you will automatically be redirected to the discounted checkout page. I have placed another one at the end of this article for your convienience.

I have put together Paretologic RegCure Pro's before discount and after discount pricing structure in two tables. This will be much easier for you to see and understand the current costs involved to purchase RegCure Pro. RegCure Pro starts from just under $25 USD, so it really is a bargain. Very cheap price to pay for the boost in computing performance you will receive.

RegCure Pro Cost Structure Before Discount Applied

RegCure Pro Pricing Structure - $USD
License Length
1 Computer 3 Computers
5 Computers
2 Year License $99.98 $299.64 $499.40
1 Year License $49.94 $149.82
6 Months $24.97 $74.91 $124.85

RegCure Pro Cost Structure After Discount Applied

RegCure Pro Pricing Structure - $USD
License Length
1 Computer 3 Computers
5 Computers
2 Year License $49.97 $134.97 $199.97
1 Year License $39.97 $101.97
6 Months $24.97 $67.97 $99.97

The biggest discount on offer from Paretologic is the 2 year license option for 5 computers. You save close to $300 USD on that alone! Most of my readers option for the 2 year license for 1 computer, a saving of 50%. This was the option I paid for and used for my full review.

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