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I investigate PC Health Advisor that Bill Gates himself approves of which really speeds up home PC’s and saves computer users thousands of dollars in computer repair costs!

Adam Dominik

Adam Dominik

By Adam Dominik, Editor of Fast PC Life – Windows Computer Technician & Desktop Support Analyst investigates and reveals PC Health Advisor that has just recently gone viral in United States.

If you live in the United States and have a computer running  that is older than 6 months old, not running like you want it to or expect it to then this may just be the most important tech article you ever read.

Thousands upon thousands of people all across the United States are rushing to get their hands on the latest copy of PC Health Advisor that is instantly optimizing and speeding up slow computers running .

Computer experts worldwide are calling it; “A Game Changer for  computer users.”

The elite team over at Paretologic Inc have really built a  speed up and optimization tool that they believe will be the last piece of Windows optimization software consumers will ever need. PC Health Advisor is the perfect solution that can keep your PC running as good as new for years to come. I wholeheartedly agree. It is the most cutting-edge piece of software I have seen within the Windows Optimization industry.

PC Health Advisor uses a unique algorithmic powered scanning engine to instantly increase the speed of your PC. First, it identifies flaws and parts of your computer which are vulnerable to slow-downs. Then it digs deeper into your system by locating redundant files, defunct registry keys and cached memory, removing the hidden files and associated nasties that make your PC run slow.

Anyone can use PC Health Advisor, and it only takes a measly few minutes to setup. The best thing right now about PC Health Advisor is that it is currently being given away completely free as a special offer to start the new year.

VP of Product & Consumer Service Adrian Pereira, from Paretologic, explains;

Our main objective here at Paretologic for creating PC Health Advisor was simple. We wanted to stop people having to buy new computer’s every year or two, with the right care these computer systems can easily last for years.

He continues;

People that have tried PC Health Advisor for the for first time instantly fall in love with it. We feel good knowing that we’re helping make things faster and saving money for our customers.

How to Claim Your Free Copy of PC Health Advisor?

Paretologic are offering a no obligation, no credit card, no risk; free copy of PC Health Advisor until . I recommend you claim your free copy immediately.

Download Your Free Copy of PC Health Advisor Here. Or click on the button below:

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No Credit Card and no payment required. 14.4mb total download size.