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PC Health Advisor

Revealing the SECRETS behind PC Health Advisor ALMOST got this review BANNED!

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PC Health Advisor Review Summary
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PC Health Advisor Review Summary

PC Health Advisor is a simple, uncomplicated yet powerful Windows optimization software tool, which has been designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, for any computer user. PC Health Advisor doesn’t have many confusing features (unlike many of its competitors), is not filled with useless functions. The overall approach of PC Health Advisor might seem very basic at first glance, but the optimization engine capability it has is unrivaled; allowing you to quickly find, diagnose and repair all computer performance issues.

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Last updated: October 9, 2018 at 2:22 am by Adam Dominik
PC Health Advisor by Paretologic is the newest PC optimization software tool on the market today. PC Health Advisor allows any computer user be able to speed up their computer. PC Health Advisor does this by automatically fixing random Windows computer system errors and optimizes hard disc drives. The software is purely concerned at finding what is slowing your computer down, fixing the issues and then maintaining that the same issues don’t creep up again.

PC Health Advisor delivers the best computing performance & fixes all computer errors on the following operating system:  You are running

Paretologic PC Health Advisor will keep your computer running like new all the time. All it takes is installing PC Health Advisor once and letting it run once! PC Health Advisor is a jam packed, full-featured suite of different tools which work together in order to give your PC a thorough clean and make sure it runs like new at all times. PC Health Advisor is a utility that puts powerful computer maintenance tools into the hands of even the newest of computer users.

PC Health Advisor is unbelievable because:

  1. The full version is incredibly cheap – click on the green button above to find out exactly how cheap
  2. Paretologic is NOT a scam company – it has been around since 2006, and not going anywhere
  3. You have 30 days to decide if PC Health Advisor is Right for You
  4. PC Health Advisor speeds up computers running any version of Windows
  5. Forever Free Updates
  6. Editors Choice Award

Do I Really Need PC Health Advisor?

Just by using your computer on a day to day basis can cause your computer to slow down just a little bit. Eventually over time it begins to become very noticeable and you begin to think something is wrong or it is time for an upgrade. Did you know that installing and un-installing software fragments your hard drive? Hard drive fragmentation is one of the biggest reasons for slow computer performance. A heavily fragmented hard drive causes longer load times of running software and even booting your computer. Files of installed software are scattered all over the hard drive, as opposed to being neatly filed. This takes longer to load or boot as the computer has to find each piece and put them together. If they are always next to each other on the hard drive, like books ordered by name, the load time is vastly greater as the files are all next to each other in a neat fashion, the computer finds the files very quickly.

This exact phenomenon occurs within the windows registry. This is just one reason why anyone can benefit from PC Health Advisor. PC Health Advisor deals with this very well, correcting any type of disc fragmentation.

The Swiss Army Knife for your Personal Computer

Think of PC Health Advisor as your computer’s personal Swiss army knife. Think of PC Health Advisor as a beating heart your computer never ever had. Paretologic PC Health Advisor tells you what sort of health/shape your computer is in and what should be done to correct it. In a single click.

Using PC Health Advisor will optimize the speed of any version of Windows (XP, Vista, 7,8,8.1 & 10) and the speed of your computer. PC Health Advisor will protect your PC from malware, spyware and other infections, and gets rid of them permanently with its powerful spyware scanner. PC Health Advisor also performs regular maintenance activities such as hard drive defragmentation and registry cleaning with the support of other built-in core products all available in a neat little package.

PC Health Advisor offers supreme value for money as you don’t need to buy additional software. It already features PC speed optimization core functions, a registry cleaner and anti-spyware tools, clearly saving you hundreds of dollars. This type of value for money software package really does make other software developers nervous.

PC Health Advisor is considered as one of the best intuitive products because even an average and not so technical savvy user of Windows can adapt easily and optimize their computer using PC Health Advisor. The setup and scan wizards do the jobs for you, you can confidently expect that PC Health Advisor will be completely installed and ready to fix whatever needs fixing as soon as possible. Simply clicking the “Fix All” button is all that is needed after the scanning process has done its job. This button will simply take care of all the errors being detected without requiring any additional knowledge.

Excellent help documentation is included that explains all the features and how to use them. This is helpful for people who may not be as computer savvy and won’t know what everything is at first glance. Also, don’t forget that Paretologic are here to help, firing away an email with simple questions is no trouble at all.

PC Health Advisor provides you with automatic scanning of the registry and instantaneous repair. To make things even simpler it will automatically create a system restore point in case Windows does something fishy during the repair.

Should You Trust PC Health Advisor to Speed Up Your Computer?

If you are serious about improving your computer performance and wanting to be fast all the time, then you should be serious about PC Health Advisor.

With PC Health Advisor, there is no need for new computer upgrades, save your money. Install, Run and let PC Health Advisor find all and fix all issues on your computer. Re-boot and your done. Your computer would have drastically improved in performance, you won’t believe by how much!

Download, install and then configure. That is all that is to it. An extremely simple 3-step process any computer user from any technical background can achieve.

I can assure you, PC Health Advisor works very well. But, the other question I frequently get asked is: “can Paretologic be trusted?”. Yes, I can safely say you can trust Paretologic and PC Health Advisor. Here is why:

Paretologic is a verified Microsoft Gold Partner.

Paretologic Microsoft Partner

Paretologic is a verified Microsoft Gold partner. Microsoft most definitely does not hand this out to anyone. Think of this verification as a seal of approval. Any software vendor with this verification definitely provides quality software.

PC Health Advisor feels very solid and of high quality when using it. Anyone serious about improving their computer performance now must have PC Health Advisor.

So How Much Does PC Health Advisor Cost?

PC Health Advisor retails for $99.88 $USD, but clicking on the discount button at the start of this review, the price is reduced to only $49.97 $USD. It is a one-time fee which also includes any future PC Health Advisor updates and a 30-day money back guarantee. There is a cheaper option for $24.97 $USD, but you get charged every 6 months.

See the below table for a full pricing structure in $USD before and after the green button is clicked:

PC Health Advisor Cost Structure Before Cheapest Price Button is Clicked - $USD

License Length1 Computer3 Computers5 Computers
2 Year License$99.98$299.64$499.40
1 Year License$49.94$149.82$249.70
6 Months$24.97$74.91$124.85

PC Health Advisor Cost Structure After Cheapest Price Button is Clicked - $USD

License Length1 Computer3 Computers5 Computers
2 Year License$49.97$134.97$199.97
1 Year License$39.97$101.97$149.97
6 Months$24.97$67.97$99.97

Class Leading Features Improving Thousands of Computers Worldwide

As I have explained and mentioned in this review, PC Health Advisor contains all the tools required to fix and maintain computer performance for all versions of Windows computers. PC Health Advisor scans and looks for everything that is slowing your computer down and gets rid of it all, quickly. No other tool like PC Health Advisor does it any better.

Here is a full list of PC Health Advisor features:

  1. Comes with an anti-trojan, spyware and malware scanner, so there is no need for multiple software types
  2. PC speed up functions – Speed up your PC with functions as hard drive defragment, cleaning windows cache and finding lost memory space
  3. Registry scanner – Cleans up your windows registry in a flash
  4. Fixes various types of hardware conflicts and device driver errors
  5. Fixes corrupt file errors
  6. Core software tools designed specifically to optimize your hard disc(s)
  7. Intuitive user-friendly menu system that anyone can operate without stress
  8. Best all round Swiss army knife software package for any Windows XP, Vista or 7 PC

PC Health Advisor Sounds Good, But What About Technical Support?

Another brilliant thing to say about Paretologic is the customer support team. I would have to say that it is among the best there is. During business hours, the support team answer back emails in little to no time at all. Very responsive on the telephone, a few rings and you have an operator ready to help you out or answer any queries you may have.

PC Health Advisor features live customer support located within the Americas and Canada. It is best to make sure you have called them during their opening times and beware of any time differences.

Will PC Health Advisor Work for Me?

So right now you’re probably wondering if PC Health Advisor will work as well for you as it does for me.

I’ll be honest; PC Health Advisor is NOT for everyone.

PC Health Advisor is NOT Right for you if...

  • You run an Apple Mac Computer. PC Health Advisor is Microsoft Windows compatible only
  • You think that this program won’t work for you because of (insert excuse here)
  • Your computer is over 10 years old

PC Health Advisor IS Right for you if…

  • You run Operating system
  • You want to put an end to your slow computer
  • You are willing to activate PC Health Advisor at a small cost to unlock all its features

Should You Trust PC Health Advisor to Speed Up Your Computer?

You should trust PC Health Advisor if you are serious about having a fast computer.

Completely forget about upgrading your computer’s hardware, save your money. Configure PC Health Advisor as shown further down this review and let it run its magic. Once the program has had time to find and rectify every issue contained within your computer effecting its’ performance, a simple reboot will all that you will need to ever do to have your computer performing amazingly fast.

Download, install and then configure. An extremely simple 3-step process any computer user from any technical background can achieve.

You Can Get Started Right Now Risk Free

Paretologic PC Health Advisor is almost limitless in functionality, not limited to just registry cleaning, it helps in removing junk files from your computer, optimize the programs running through it’s Start-Up Manager, gets rid of spyware and other junk slowing your computer down, corrupt file scanner and fix and a whole lot more. Paretologic PC Health Advisor also comes with five core tools dedicated to your hard disc(s) alone: Duplicate Finder, Defrag, Restore Point Manager, Clear Temporary Files, and Clear Recent History. Your hard drive(s) will always run at their peak performance all the time with PC Health Advisor.

Considering the functionality of PC Health Advisor and its total value offer, it is incredible value for money and definitely the most value for money software program in the industry. Especially considering how many of its competitors charge monthly fees and computer upgrades tend to be very expensive. PC Health Advisor allows you to get back amazingly fast computing performance for as little as $24.97 $USD.

You can always try before you buy! Paretologic offers a 30 day guarantee—if for any reason PC Health Advisor does not improve the performance of your computer, you can receive a full refund with no questions asked. Like anyone who is highly confident in what is being offered, Paretologic takes all of the risk, not you.

Take advantage of the cheapest price currently on offer while you can and unlock your computer’s speed and performance with my editors choice awarded leading computer speed up software in the industry.

With such a wide variety of diagnostic software tools available on the market these days from different software developers, Paretologic PC Health Advisor really does shine above the rest. You know you are satisfied and have done the job right when using PC Health Advisor on their computers, you just get this warm feeling that your computer is running like it should be all the time. To ensure Paretologic PC Health Advisor is right for you, please don’t hesitate to download the free trial and give Paretologic’s PC Health Advisor a go.

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