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RegCure Pro is no longer available!

Update: Paretologic has recently stopped development for RegCure Pro. This means the software will no longer feature updates from Paretologic. Existing Regcure Pro licenses are still valid and will continue to be valid until your license expires. Customer support will continue for RegCure Pro.

Is There a RegCure Pro Alternative?

Yes, thankfully Paretologic still fully supports PC Health Advisor. The only other Windows optimization tool that works just as well (if not better) than RegCure Pro.











Editors Choice 2018

RegCure Pro Instantly Recovers Lost   Computer Performance


RegCure Pro

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RegCure Pro Review Summary
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RegCure Pro Review Summary

RegCure Pro is a simple, uncomplicated yet powerful Windows optimization software tool, which has been designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, for any computer user. RegCure Pro doesn’t have many confusing features (unlike many of its competitors), is not filled with useless functions. The overall approach of RegCure Pro might seem very basic at first glance, but the optimization engine capability it has is unrivaled; allowing you to quickly find, diagnose and repair all computer performance issues.

User Review
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Last updated: April 19, 2018 at 3:08 am by Adam Dominik
RegCure Pro is a long standing Windows optimization software tool developed by an award winning software development company called Paretologic Inc. RegCure Pro detects and removes all types of windows errors and speed issues present in your computer. Think of RegCure Pro as your computer's first aid kit against computer nastys which cause poor and slow PC performance. Try the RegCure Pro free trial before purchasing, trying before buying always aids in the decision process. The decision will come clear after a quick run, as you will see what RegCure Pro finds on your PC affecting performance. RegCure Pro will assist in maintaining your computer run much more efficiently over a long period of time.

RegCure Pro delivers the best computing performance & fixes all computer errors on the following operating system:  You are running

If you have not previously downloaded RegCure Pro, then it comes in a free trial form. It is free to use, but won't repair or fix any issues your computer may be experiencing. You can unlock the free trial version of RegCure Pro by purchasing a registration key. You input the registration key to be granted the full and unrestricted version of RegCure Pro. An exclusive discount is featured within this review for you to take advantage of. Highly recommended that you do as Paretologic have been in contact and are not pleased this review has made the offer open and no longer reserved for potential VIP customers only. In case you missed it, there is a giant green button at the top of this page. There is another one placed at the bottom of this review for your convenience.

RegCure Pro is unbelievable because:

  1. The full version is incredibly cheap - click on the green button above to find out exactly how cheap
  2. Paretologic is NOT a scam company - it has been around since 2006, and not going anywhere
  3. This review features a guide to make the most of RegCure Pro... for free
  4. You have 30 days to decide if RegCure Pro is Right for You
  5. RegCure Pro speeds up and recovers lost computer performance running any version of Windows
  6. American english tech support - if you ever need it
  7. Forever Free Updates
  8. Don't just take my word for it: 3,651 happy readers have agreed with my 5 from 5 verdict
  9. It works brilliantly well - just optimize it using my setup guide in this review (further down in this review)
  10. Editors Choice Award!

My Full RegCure Pro Review Starts Here

If there is one thing you will never find on this blog, it's a links to speed up computer software. Why? They simply do not work. You run them on your computer, but after running them you don't feel an increase in speed.

All that has changed now.

RegCure Pro is the exact opposite. Regcure Pro is the most powerful and capable Windows optimization software tool that allows you to speed up your slow computer and keep it running fast.

It is extremely easy to use. You do however need to tweak it a little bit to get the most out of the software. In this review, I show you exactly which settings work best with RegCure Pro.

In this honest RegCure Pro review, I'm not going to try and sell the software to you. I will simply show you how it works, run it through some tests and benchmarks on my testing computer and share the results with you. Most importantly, let you decide for yourself if RegCure Pro is right for you. Feel free to use the comment section if you have any questions.

Why You Need RegCure Pro

Simply using your computer on a day to day basis will cause underlying potential performance issues and problems. The way Windows was designed and how it operates, it requires an expert computer technician or analyst to regularly maintain on a weekly or at least a fortnightly basis. The Windows registry becomes corrupt over time from installing and uninstalling software. The hard drive would become fragmented taking Windows far too long to fully boot and load software programs. The poor hard drive's read head was going crazy trying to find files. When a hard drive is full it provides Windows absolutely zero virtual memory to use. Apart from computers behaving in a very unresponsive manner and pausing all the time because of this, the computers were completely unstable and would crash all the time. These are just some of the computer problems Windows causes simply by using it.

In my experience, it never was the computer operator's fault at all that caused the computer to perform poorly or operate in a painful to use manner, I found it to be the way Windows operates that it requires frequent attention from an expert with expert knowledge on the Windows operating system.

Below are a few more examples of slow computer performance symptoms needing RegCure Pro:

Signs of Your Computer Needing RegCure Pro

  1. Windows Blue Screen Errors (Blue Screen of Death BSOD)
  2. Slow Startup and Long Shut-down Performance
  3. Hardware Malfunctions and Conflicts
  4. Computer Freezing & Random Pauses
  5. Computer Crashes
  6. Typing appears to be slow and "laggy"
  7. Generally Unresponsive Behaviour

What Does RegCure Pro Do?

RegCure Pro eliminates:

  1. Fixes Random hangs and pauses
  2. Fixes Unexpected lock-ups which require a hard reset (pressing the reset button on your computer or flicking off the switch at the power outlet...)
  3. Fixes Blue screen error or also known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
  4. Fixes Starting up takes far too long and the hard drive just simply doesn't know when to stop
  5. Fixes Typical random crashes
  6. Fixes laggy and generally unresponsive computers
  7. Fixes Generally slow and painful computing experience
  8. Fixes slow start-up (boot) speed and slow shutdown time

If you are experiencing any of the behavior listed above when using your computer or laptop/notebook, then RegCure Pro would have to be your #1 choice. If you are not experiencing any of the above when using your computer, then you do not require RegCure Pro. Sometimes, perhaps a simple reboot is all that you need.

RegCure Pro Ease of Use

RegCure Pro is a Windows optimization software tool with a whole lot more features than the average competitor, RegCure Pro has been designed to function with maximum results for any computer user. RegCure Pro's primary focus is to maximize results whilst maintaining maximum userability. RegCure Pro doesn't confuse the user with a menu filled with various functionality and confusing buttons (unlike many of its competitors). All the complicated parts of RegCure Pro are built-in and active at all times when they are needed, so you don't need to worry if you are getting the most out of RegCure Pro. The overall look and feel of the Windows optimization tool might give the impression of being basic, but the scanning engine and error resolution it features is unsurpassed; allowing RegCure Pro to quickly find and fix the highest amount of errors and issues slowing down your computer system compared to other rivals.

RegCure Pro on the surface is really a basic optimization software program, but its’ functionality is second to none. Simply download RegCure Pro with a single click, and follow the prompts during the installation procedure. Once the install is complete, RegCure Pro opens automatically for its first full scan and fix. RegCure Pro presents itself with a simple menu without too many options to confuse you. RegCure Pro certainly stacks up with the cleanest and neatest optimisation software programs currently available.

Your Solution for a Faster Computer

Where lots of other computer speed up software or Windows optimizers try to wow you with a big collection of redundant features, Paretologic's RegCure Pro is built with everything that is required to completely transform your computer back to what it once was (like new) and nothing less. It will resolve all computing issues which negatively effect computing performance and bring back the performance of your computer you demand and deserve.

RegCure Pro is the software tool which will do everything that needs to be done to restore computer performance so your computer can begin performing again at the speed it once did when you first purchased it, all without requiring any expert knowledge except for operating a mouse!

RegCure Pro resolves all computing issues and returns computing performance to levels not experienced before. RegCure Pro runs faultlessly on all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows XP to the current Windows 10 including all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

How Much Does RegCure Pro Cost?

RegCure Pro retails for $99.88USD, but clicking on the green button above, that price is reduced to $49.97USD for a 12-month license. A 6-month license is only $24.97USD. It is a one-time fee which also includes any future RegCure Pro updates and a 30-day money back guarantee.

See the below table for a full pricing structure in $USD before and after the green button is clicked:

RegCure Pro Cost Structure Before Cheapest Price Button is Clicked - $USD

License Length1 Computer3 Computers5 Computers
2 Year License$99.98$299.64$499.40
1 Year License$49.94$149.82$249.70
6 Months$24.97$74.91$124.85

RegCure Pro Cost Structure After Cheapest Price Button is Clicked - $USD

License Length1 Computer3 Computers5 Computers
2 Year License$49.97$134.97$199.97
1 Year License$39.97$101.97$149.97
6 Months$24.97$67.97$99.97

The biggest discount on offer from Paretologic is the 2 year license option for 5 computers. You save close to $300 USD on that alone! Most of my readers option for the 2 year license for 1 computer, a saving of 50%.

Class Leading Features Boosting Your Computer Performance

By now it is quite obvious, RegCure Pro has an abundance of features to fix and maintain computer performance from all directions. In short, RegCure Pro scans comprehensively and repairs completely. No other slow computer fixer or Windows optimizer works any better, no other software tool like RegCure Pro is fitted with a full set of arsenal against computer problems. The heart behind RegCure Pro, are three most important and noticeable features:

  1. automatic back-up and system restore
  2. automatic scheduling
  3. error correction engine

Sample of New Features of RegCure Pro

  1. Finds and Fixes All Sorts of System Errors
  2. RegCure Pro now Removes Malware and Bloatware
  3. Drastically Improves Computer Start-up Speed and Software Loading Times
  4. RegCure Pro Defrags Computer Memory and Hard Disc Drives
  5. Overall Performs a Full PC Clean-up!
  6. 100% Free, U.S. Based Technical Support
  7. 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Honesty is the Best Policy

This is a review and therefore it has to be honest and forthcoming about RegCure Pro.

Straight out of the box, RegCure Pro needs some of its features tweaked to get the maximum benefits of the software.

RegCure Pro when configured correctly WILL fix and improve the performance of your computer significantly. RegCure Pro has been tested using various setting & feature configurations on a test machine prior to this review. It is absolutely astonishing to witness how well and how quickly RegCure Pro was able to transform the test computer. Absolutely Amazing. The optimal configuration settings are shared with all readers further down the review.

Keep in mind a fully licensed copy of RegCure Pro was used for the purpose of this review. You will require a fully licensed copy to take advantage of all the settings & features of these optimal configuration settings.

RegCure Pro Testing

It is pretty obvious that we are all spoilt for choice when it comes to Windows optimizers and Slow PC fix software in general. There are so many choices currently available, that it can get a little daunting as to which will perform like it should and expected, remain the best and most efficient. The winner this year is RegCure Pro, because Paretologic is the industry leader when it comes to Windows optimization out there; the original version of RegCure Pro has been around for many many years. RegCure Pro will still be around for many more years to come and RegCure Pro will continue to be improved upon many times via free updates into the future, you can bet on that.

The latest version of RegCure Pro was used during testing procedures. The primary purpose of testing was to determine just how effective RegCure Pro is at restoring fast computer performance. The test machine is a basic Intel Core i7 CPU computer running Windows 7 64-bit that has never had Windows optimizer installed or run and no computer speed up software of any type run either.

RegCure Pro Before First Run

From the screenshot above, RegCure Pro detected over 4,000 different types of errors on my computer which were impacting my computers performance. This first scan only took 4 minutes to complete!

RegCure Pro scanned through the entire computer system and detected an assorted array of registry errors: Chkdsk Issues, Font entries, Memory Dump Issues, Application Paths, Invalid Driver Entries, Empty Registry Keys, ActiveX Entries, Page File Issues, Windows Startup Items, Virtual Memory Issues, Program Shortcuts, Uninstall Entries, Kernel32 Errors, Shared DLL's, Help Files Information, System32 Errors and File Associations. Basically, it found everything that was wrong and misbehaving.

As you can tell, RegCure Pro is very thorough!

RegCure Pro Results

As you can see, all 4,316 system errors were corrected and fixed by RegCure Pro. RegCure Pro only took just over a minute to correct all the issues. So total time to fix my slow computer was a touch over 5 minutes! Very impressive!

Did RegCure Pro Really Speed Up My Computer? - Benchmark Numbers & Results

To really find out if RegCure Pro had done its job correctly and actually improved computing performance, the test machine was put through three leading benchmarking tools, testing the performance of the test machine before and after RegCure Pro was installed and run. The three benchmarking tools used for this review are:

  • Start-Up Time or Boot-Up Time
  • Excel 2010
  • PCMark 8

Start-up (Boot-Up) Time: Simple test, but yet highly effective of determining if RegCure Pro makes a difference to the performance of the test machine. The test machine was re-started and timed how long until it came back online onto the desktop. This test was conducted three times and the results recorded. RegCure Pro was then installed and run on the test machine. All errors were fixed. The test machine was once again re-started and the time recorded. Here are the results:

Computer Start Up Time

Wow! RegCure Pro was able to increase start-up performance of the test machine by reducing the time taken to boot back to desktop after a restart by a whole 4 seconds!

Excel 2010: I wanted to see how well RegCure Pro was able to remove bloatware from running in the background and removing other redundant software from running in the background. In other words, I wanted to see if RegCure Pro was able to free-up resources and memory. I chose ExcelTrader as the tool to use for this benchmark. It is a downloadable excel file which tests real world performance of a computer. Benchmark.xls tests rapid graphical updates with simulated Live data. The resources tested are typical of what a Stock, Futures or Forex automated trading program would require. Benchmark.xls replays S&P 500 ES (Emini) futures tick data.

Once again, the computer was tested before and after RegCure Pro being installed and run. The results were recordered before and after RegCure Pro. Here are the results:

RegCure Pro Excel Test

Before RegCure Pro it took 25 minutes and 28 seconds to complete the benchmark. After RegCure Pro it took 22 minutes and 39 seconds to complete the benchmark. RegCure Pro reduced the time taken to complete the benchmark by 169 seconds or 2 minutes and 49 seconds!

PCMark 8: I wanted to see if RegCure Pro was able to make an impact on overall computing performance. For this purpose I selected PCMark 8 as the benchmarking tool. PCMark 8 is all about performance benchmarking and includes tests based on popular Adobe and Microsoft applications. PCMark 8 aims to replicate real-world computer usage. This benchmark should really reveal if RegCure Pro is actually able to optimise all aspects of the computer.

As with the other tests, the test was run before and after RegCure Pro and results recorded. Here are the results:

PC Mark Test Results

Before RegCure Pro, the test machine scored 4838 points. After RegCure Pro, the test machine scored 5080. An increase of 5%!

Remarkable results.

Will RegCure Pro Work for Me?

You are currently running: Windows 10 64-bit. Your operating system is 100% compatible and supported by RegCure Pro to fix errors and speed up your computer.

However, I’ll be honest; RegCure Pro is NOT for everyone.

RegCure Pro is NOT Right for you if...

  • You run an Apple Mac Computer. RegCure Pro is Microsoft Windows compatible only
  • You think that this program won’t work for you because of (insert X excuse)
  • Your computer is over 10 years old

RegCure Pro IS Right for you if…

  • You run a Microsoft Windows Operating system from XP all the way to Windows 10
  • You want to put an end to your slow computer
  • You are willing to activate RegCure Pro at a small cost to unlock all its features

Should You Trust RegCure Pro to Speed Up Your Computer?

You should trust RegCure Pro if you are serious about having a fast computer.

Completely forget about upgrading your computer's hardware, save your money. Configure RegCure Pro as shown further down this review and let it run its magic. Once the program has had time to find and rectify every issue contained within your computer effecting its' performance, a simple reboot will all that you will need to ever do to have your computer performing amazingly fast.

Download, install and then configure. An extremely simple 3-step process any computer user from any technical background can achieve.

Why RegCure Pro Will Supercharge Your Computer's Performance and Fix Slow Computer Issues

Paretologic is an A+ certified business.

BBB Accredited Business

Paretologic is a verified Microsoft Gold Partner.

Paretologic Microsoft Partner is malware and a virus free website.

McAfee Certified

RegCure Pro is not the type of software you would expect from a fly-by-night software developer at all. First impressions of RegCure Pro were absolute professionalism. Total justification of a high quality Microsoft Gold Partner product. Anyone serious enough about supercharging their computer must have RegCure Pro.

RegCure Pro Setup Guide: Are You Ready to Take Your Computer to the Next Level?

As promised earlier, the optimal configuration settings used in this review which turns slow PCs into fast PCs as they once were are below. Ensure you replicate all the settings in your version of RegCure Pro for maximum performance gains. Click on each image for a larger version.

RegCure Pro Settings

Click on Settings (1) top right hand corner and then click on General Settings (2).

Regcure Pro Settings

Ensure you have all the boxes checked and unchecked as indicated above.

Regcure Pro Settings

Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Registry Settings. Ensure you have all the boxes ticked and unchecked as indicated above. Removing shared DLL entries within the registry may prevent other programs from operating correctly.

Regcure Pro Settings

Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Privacy Scan Settings. What you don't want RegCure Pro doing here is deleting all your login details and cookies. Make sure whichever web browser you use is unchecked.

Regcure Pro Settings

Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Junk File Scan Settings. Insert all the junk file extentions found in this list. Click here for the list. RegCure Pro has a limited junk file list database. It is essential you insert all the junk file extentions into RegCure Pro from the list provided. This will greatly improve RegCure Pro and your PC.

Regcure Pro Settings

Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Defrag Settings. Analyze each of your hard disc drive(s). If RegCure Pro reports them to be at least 2% fragmented, best to defragment them immediately at this step. Ensure all hard drives are defragmented before proceeding to the next step.

RegCure Pro Settings

Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Startup Manager Settings. Un-tick the programs you don't want loaded each time your computer starts up. In this example, Spotify and a program belonging to MS Ofice have been unchecked.

Regcure Pro Settings

Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Process Manager. Simply click on the Optimize All button. RegCure Pro is fantastic at determining unwanted or unneeded software from chewing up valuable system resources.

Regcure Pro Settings

On the left hand side menu click on Maintenance. Un-tick the box as indicated and ensure RegCure Pro is run at least once a week to maintain your computer.

Regcure Pro Settings

On the left hand side menu click on Overview. Un-tick the boxes as indicated. Click on Start Scan button. Once the scan is complete click on Fix All to have your computer running like never before!

You are now set and ready to go for a supercharged computer.

RegCure Pro Customer Service

Try Paretologic customer support; it ranks among the best in the business. Paretologic does not ignore customer support by any means, hearing from them can be from as little as a few minutes during working hours via email or instantly via their direct telephone support line.

RegCure Pro features live customer support located within the Americas. Any question or problem is simply a phone call away which you can reach during normal working hours.

Get Started Instantly Today Risk Free

For the value RegCure Pro provides, I’m actually a little shocked on how inexpensive this software really is. With many of its competitors charging monthly subscriptions and the cost of upgrades and new hardware these days, you can get back amazingly fast computing performance for as little as $24.97.

Plus, Paretologic offers a 30 day guarantee—if for any reason RegCure Pro does not improve the performance of your computer, you can receive a full refund with no questions asked. Like anyone who is highly confident in what is being offered, they take all of the risk, not you.

Take advantage of the cheapest price currently on offer while you can and unlock your computer's speed and performance with my editors choice awarded leading computer speed up software in the industry.

RegCure Pro remains among the least expensive Windows optimizer software on the market, is continuously updated and modified, yet it delivers all the features and functions and then some, above the rest of the competition. RegCure Pro remains at the top of the leader board as a rated Windows optimizer. It is also among the least expensive currently available online, yet RegCure Pro delivers and does not disappoint.


Clicking the button above will find and activate the cheapest possible price for RegCure Pro & forward you to the official discounted RegCure Pro checkout page.

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Lead editor here at Fast PC Life, I'm a proud desktop support analyst since 2006, helping co-workers, clients, family and friends & now online readers resolve slow computing issues.

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