Does RegCure Pro Still Work in 2018 & Is It Still Any Good?

RegCure Pro No Longer Supported

RegCure Pro is no longer available!

Update: Paretologic has recently stopped development for RegCure Pro. This means the software will no longer feature updates from Paretologic. Existing Regcure Pro licenses are still valid and will continue to be valid until your license expires. Customer support will continue for RegCure Pro.

Is There a RegCure Pro Alternative?

Yes, thankfully Paretologic still fully supports PC Health Advisor. The only other Windows optimization tool that works just as well (if not better) than RegCure Pro.

Last updated: April 19, 2018 at 3:09 am by Adam Dominik

RegCure Pro


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Does RegCure Pro Work? This is one question I see pop-up on Yahoo! Answers and Microsoft forums all the time by curious readers. If you have not yet read my full review of RegCure Pro, I highly recommend it. It will answer all your questions and remove any doubts you might have with RegCure Pro.

If you don't have the time to read a 3,000 word review, then here is in my humble opinion why RegCure Pro Works:

  1. Paretologic is an A+ certified business. No business would be certified if their products were failures.
  2. Paretologic is a verified Microsoft Gold Partner. Microsoft does not verify products or vendors if their products fail.
  3. RegCure was first released in 2003! Then updated to RegCure Pro in 2012. RegCure is over 10 years old, if it didn't work it wouldn't still exist today.
  4. Paretologic the developer begind RegCure and RegCure Pro has been around forever, and developed many other successful software products. Software vendors don't last in this cut through industry if their products don't work. Disgruntled customers would bring them down quickly using social media.
  5. You Have My Seal of Approval. I wouldn't stand behind any product or recommend it if it was a blatant scam.

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