Best Windows Registry Cleaner Software for Your PC Rated! [2018 Updated]

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2018’s Compilation of the Best Windows Registry Cleaners



Best Windows Registry Cleaners for 2018
  • RegCure Pro
  • PC Health Advisor


A really good and powerful Windows registry cleaner can not only optimize the Windows registry, but keeps the entire computer system running fast and turns a slow computer into a fast computer. Customer support in your local language and time zone is also crucial, when you need support you need it now and not any later. For these reasons, I award the Editor’s Choice Award to RegCure Pro.

Registry cleaners are software programs that remove unnecessary or outdated entries from within the Windows Registry. These registry entries are left by some uninstalled programs or created by other Windows services. Registry cleaners are especially useful for removing registry entries that point to files that no longer exist. Removing these particular types of registry entries help resolve computer system issues and dramatically improve performance. Removal of registry entries can only be done using a Windows Registry cleaner.

The Windows operating system doesn’t clean registry entries which are outdated or no longer required. Hence the need for a Windows registry cleaner.

There are plenty of Windows Registry cleaners available to purchase or download online, in actual fact quite an over whelming number actually. They all proclaim that they are the best with what they do, making the decision to buy or not to buy one all the more challenging.

Here I’ll discuss how the best Windows registry cleaners can dramatically improve computing performance for your Windows powered machine and reveal which of the best received the Editor’s Choice award.

How Do I Know I Need a Registry Cleaner?

If you are experience any of the following symptoms using your computer, then your computer can benefit from a registry cleaner:

  • Slow or unstable  performance
  • Slow start-ups/shut-downs
  • Freezing
  • Crashing
  • Blue screen of death
  • Experiencing random error messages

Remember, if you don’t take any action now or sometime soon, your computer will still remain painfully slow!

Are Registry Cleaners Necessary?

Microsoft Windows is a big giant beast with on average containing 50 million lines of source code. It is a complicated operating system, but what also makes it so complicated is because of how largely customizable it is for its users. Essentially you can change and customize any setting in Windows – it’s also why it falls prone to errors, blue screen of death, crashes and general instability and “lag” behavior.

The Windows registry consists of being a really large database jam packed with a bunch of keys, registry entries and values that stores data about everything that Windows does, what makes Windows and the applications installed on it to run. The Windows registry is already quite large in size and grows dramatically in size over time as you you’re your computer to install apps, uninstall apps, software, programs add/remove hardware, etc. Basically general computer use has and does impact the size and performance of the Windows registry.

You can probably understand and relate that when you have many things to keep track of, it all can get hard and messy very quickly, the Windows registry is no exception – this is where registry cleaners come in – to manage it all and keep it managed. This article will introduce you to the very best 3 Microsoft Windows registry cleaners currently available on the market.

The sad truth is, the more and longer you use your computer the more of a mess it becomes and the Windows Registry is no exception. Cleaning the Windows Registry is a must and maintaining it clean is definitely something that should be done, otherwise you will suffer from your computer being very slow to use.

A really good and powerful Windows registry cleaner can not only optimize the Windows registry, but keeps the entire computer system running fast and turns a slow computer into a fast computer. Only the best registry cleaners feature tools that enable them to become more than a registry cleaner. Customer support in your local language and time zone is also crucial, when you need support you need it now and not any later. These criteria were the primary success criteria when evaluating Windows registry cleaners.

Do Registry Cleaners Really Work?

You may have already come across or will come across articles or blogs doing research claiming that registry cleaners do not improve computing performance. That is true and also not true at the same time. Let me explain why.

A registry cleaner on its own with only the function to clean and update the Windows registry will not improve computing performance. What it will do however is correct any of the following issues you may be experiencing with your Windows computer:

  • Slow or unstable  performance
  • Slow start-ups/shut-downs
  • Freezing
  • Crashing
  • Blue screen of death
  • Experiencing random error messages

Now these days, registry cleaners like RegCure Pro and PC Health Advisor come with many other features that do in fact improve computing performance. It is not the registry cleaning functionality alone that does it; it is all the other features within the software that improves computer performance. Here are a few example features of modern Windows registry cleaners that do improve computing performance:

  • Removes common Malware and Bloatware which specially slow down computers
  • Defrags Computer Memory and Hard Disc Drives
  • Error Correction Engine
  • Junk File Removal

Most modern day registry cleaners do in actual work and not only correct errors and improve the stability of windows computers, but also increases their performance as well.

Are Registry Cleaners Safe to Use?

The Windows Registry itself is a very delicate area of Windows, a simple mistake in there (such as editing a registry entry) can prevent your computer from starting up again, resulting in a re-installation of Windows. You should only be editing the Windows registry if you know what you are doing. The question to ask yourself now is: Does a Registry Cleaner know what it is doing?

The simple answer is: YES.

Allowing a registry cleaner to edit registry entries or keys it finds to be an issue for your computer is perfectly safe. All good registry cleaners and the one I recommend to use automatically backup and restore the Windows registry as it makes changes; so if something does go wrong – the Windows registry can be restored.

The main reason why there is still a cloud of doubt hovering around registry cleaners is because it goes back to the days of Windows 95. Not long after Windows 95 was released, there was a market for registry cleaners due to the popularity of the Windows 95 operating system. Software developers were rushing to release their registry cleaners to the public. They wanted to have their software to be first in the market, as a result a significant number of registry cleaners released by these software developers were sub-par in terms of quality (they were crap) and these registry cleaners caused more issues to computer users rather than resolve issues.

Thankfully those days are now over and the general quality of registry cleaners these days have been lifted tremendously. You should not need to fear registry cleaners in today’s modern computing world. Especially not the two mentioned in this article.

Which is the Best Registry Cleaner Software?

For these reasons, I award the Editor’s Choice Award to RegCure Pro.

RegCure Pro features a complete suite of easy-to-use fixing, cleaning and optimizing tools that can increase speed and peak performance. RegCure Pro can proactively cure and stop Windows registry errors before they happen or resolve them as they occur. If you have been endlessly searching for a fast, efficient and stable computer then preventing the Windows registry from being messy is the key solution to a faster computer. RegCure Pro is definitely a class leader in this regard.

RegCure Pro is the winner of the Editor’s Choice award for its ability to go above and beyond being just a registry cleaner whilst maintaining simplicity and dramatically improving computer performance.

The Top 2 Registry Cleaners Only Worth Mentioning

Whilst RegCure Pro is the clear winner of the editor’s choice award, an honorary mention does have to go out to PC Health Advisor. These two registry cleaners are the only other two currently on the market that just do more than clean out a Windows registry, they actually boost computer performance due to the many and significant other features they possess.

RegCure Pro

RegCure Pro Results

RegCure Pro is a simple and uncomplicated Windows optimization software tool, which has been designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, for any computer user. RegCure Pro doesn’t have many confusing features (unlike many of its competitors), is not filled with useless functions. The overall approach of RegCure Pro might seem very basic at first glance, but the optimization engine capability it has is unrivaled; allowing you to quickly find, diagnose and repair all computer performance issues.

Read the Full RegCure Pro Review | Free Download

PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor Screenshot

PC Health Advisor by Paretologic is the newest PC optimization software tool on the market today. PC Health Advisor allows any computer user be able to speed up their computer. PC Health Advisor does this by automatically fixing random Windows computer system errors and optimizes hard disc drives. The software is purely concerned at finding what is slowing your computer down, fixing the issues and then maintaining that the same issues don’t creep up again.

Learn more about PC Health Advisor | Free Download

Will the Best Registry Cleaner for 2018 Make my Computer Faster?

With RegCure Pro, you have the necessary tool to scan and find all computer nasty’s lurking on your computer and have the confidence that you won’t damage anything in the process and experience a huge boost in computing performance. RegCure Pro is the most powerful and capable Windows optimization software tool that allows you to speed up your slow computer and keep it running fast.

Download, install and then configure. An extremely simple 3-step process any computer user from any technical background can achieve.

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